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Dear Parent or Guardian,

Welcome to Lester B. Pearson School Board ‘s Student Transportation webpage.

Since we are not always able to respond to your calls in a timely manner, we hope that you will be able to find the information you are looking for on this site.

If you are wondering if you can receive transportation services, we invite you to visit our “Find a school link” click here to find your school

You will be provided with transportation options once you have entered your address.
Please note that you must live beyond the specific distances from the school to receive services:  more than 800 meters from the school for a kindergarten, more than 1.6 km for grade 1 to 6 students and beyond 2.4 km from your respective high school.

If you do not see the school you wish to attend once you have entered your address, you may still attend the school pursuant to the Board’s Enrolment Criteria but transportation services will not be offered. Some exceptions exist at the high school level so you may contact the Transportation Services for the school to see if Transportation Accommodation Service is currently available in your area.

If you have received your bus pass but wish to have the location reviewed, please follow the steps below:

A) Request to use another existing stop on the same bus

The school secretary will assist you in making the correction on your current bus pass and inform us of the change so we can update our records and notify the carrier/driver.

B) Request to use an existing stop on another bus

Only the Transportation Technician can review your request in order to verify that there is room in that bus to accommodate your child.

C) Request to add a new bus stop

• All bus stops are located at intersections of roadways.

• “Door” stops are only established if an intersection is not available within the “home to stop distances” as described above or for students with special transportation needs.

Still you may request a new bus stop. These requests must be made in writing to us (mail or e-mail) by October 15th. These requests will only be reviewed after that date and responses sent upon decision.

 Student Transportation is a shared responsibility as it relates to the safety of your child: parents are responsible for the safety of the child to and from the assigned bus stop while the Board is responsible for their safety on the bus and to and from the school.

Best Regards,
Diane Pellerin
Manager, Transportation Services

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