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Winter and student Transportation at the LBPSB

With the first snowfalls behind us, the Lester B. Pearson School Board’s Transportation Department would like to remind you about the how winter can sometimes affect regular bus routes.

As a rule, students are requested to be at their respective bus stops 10 minutes before their regular scheduled pick-up time.
The Transportation Department understands that on some winter mornings, it might not be advisable to do so but please be advised that the bus will not wait for students beyond the official pick-up time.
Showing up at a bus stop five minutes ahead of the scheduled time should be sufficient on cold morning.
This is to avoid delaying the pick-up of other students.

When there is a big snowstorm, the bus companies contact our Transportation Department as early as 5 am to advise us on the difficulties they may or may not face that day.
Ultimately, it is the school board that decides whether or not, it will be a snow day: closing of schools and daycares and transportation services suspended.
The school board determines if the schools should be closed based on the condition and safety of the roads for the students as well as its staff.

Still, if the school board and schools remain open on any given stormy day, it is the carrier and the driver who decides whether to engage on a particular road or not.
Hence, during times of inclement weather, buses may be late due to traffic or may be unable to proceed on certain streets; bus route may not be completed as planned.

This is why we ask that all parents must make sure that if they leave their child alone at a bus stop, he/she will be able to return home safely if the bus does not show up.
In addition, these students should be told to return home 15 minutes after their scheduled pick-up time on days with inclement weather.

Parents must also insure that their child’s school is kept informed of any changes in the emergency contact information they provide to the school.
Should schools be closed for the day, parents will be informed via phone through the school board’s Blackboard Connect messaging system.

Parents will also be informed through a number of local radio and television stations, including:

105.7 Rythme FM CKOI 96.9 FM 98.5 FM The Beat 92.5 FM
730 AM RDI Radio Canada CBFT
95.1 FM CJAD 800 AM CHOM 97.7 FM CJFM Virgin Radio 95.9 FM
CTV Global TV TVA/LCN CBC Televison
CBC Radio One 88.5 FM/104.7 FM    


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