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"Empty Seats" Bussing Services

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2018-2019 "Empty Seat" User Fees

As per Section 298 of the Act, the Board can, if it so desires, award the remaining “empty seats” on vehicles used by the Board until all available seats are filled.  This Section also stipulates that the Board can determine the fare it requires for the use of these seats which would otherwise be unused.

The “empty seat” program offers three (3) services: courtesy, accommodation and alternative address. Fees for these services as well as where it will be available are annexed to this document.

A) “Courtesy” Service

        This service is provided to:

  • Kindergarten students residing less than 0.8 km from their designated school;
  • Elementary students residing less than 1.6 km from their designated school;
  • Secondary  students residing less than  2.4 km from their designated school;

B) “Accommodation” Service

This service is provided to students residing outside the established transportation zones as defined in this Plan.


C) “Alternative Address” Service

This service is provided to students requiring transportation to and from an address other than their residence.

For the morning pick-up, the afternoon drop off or for both, parents can apply for this service to and from an alternative address (es). An alternative address is an address within the school’s current transportation zones other than the student’s home address. 


These “empty” seats will be offered to students on a “first come, first served” basis unless otherwise assigned. All prescribed forms and payment must first be received by the Transportation Services Department prior to the service being used. In all cases, $25 of the annual fee for elementary students, $50 for the secondary students, will be used to process the application and is non-refundable

If accepted, “empty seat” riders may, at anytime, be removed from the bus and parents notified when new students, eligible for transportation, arrive during the course of the school year; or when the Transportation Services modify the routes, schedules or number of school buses used. A prorated refund would then be issued.

Students participating in this program are subject to the established Transportation Rules of Conduct; parents will not be entitled to any refund of fees if their child is suspended from the bus. Furthermore, refunds will not be issued if a parent decides to stop using the service at any point during the school year, nor will the payments be prorated should a parent wish to apply for this service during the school year.  


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