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Transportation Services for students: a legal framewok...
Transportation Policy...

Transportation Services for students: a legal framewok

The legal framework for student transportation services is provided by  The Education Act (“Act”) and the Regulation Respecting Student Transportation (“Regulation”)

This services are to be funded, contracted and organized by the Lester B. Pearson School Board (“Board”).

Under the Act, Sections 4, 188, 291 to 301 state the rights, powers and duties of the Board. These are further defined in the Student Transportation Policy (“Policy”). The Policy adopted in May 1998 by the Provisional Council and later revised by the Council of Commissioners (“Council”) in March 2004 and more recently in May 2014, established service availability, criteria for eligibility as well as organizational standards and controls. 

Under the Act, Sections 454 specify that the Regulation will dictate how the Board will establish its Advisory Committee on Student Transportation (the “Advisory Committee”).

Under the Regulation (Sections 7 to 11), the Advisory Committee is mandated to give its opinion to the Board on the Board’s Student Transportation Organizational Plan.

The Plan is proposed each year, as early as possible before the end of May, by the Board’s Administration to the Advisory Committee in order that they may give its opinion to Council as required by Regulation. Once adopted by Council, it becomes the Board’s course of action in matters related to student transportation in full compliance with the Education Ministry’s “Règles Budgétaires pour le transport scolaire “.  School hours and transportation zones  are thus set in this Plan to maximize available financial resources and to comply with the Board’s Operating Budget approved by the Council.


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