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Zone: Transportation

Transportation Zones

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2022-2023 Student Transportation Zones


Click below to view the Transportation Zones

2023-2024 Student Transportation Zones


The territory of the Lester B. Pearson School Board is divided into several small geographical catchment areas known as attendance zones. The boundaries of these zones are identified in this document as "Summary of Attendance Zones".

The creation of transportation zones is guided by these school attendance zones and is in accordance with the LBPSB Student Transportation Policy. Transportation zones indicate which students will receive school bus eligibility and which families will receive financial compensation for student use of public transportation to and from school in lieu of school busing.

Six (6) types of transportation services and/or entitlements will be offered during the  2022-2023 school year:

1)      Free school bus for kindergarten to grade 6 students ("Yellow" service);

2)      Free school bus for grades 7 and 8 only (“Green” service);

3)      Free school bus for grades 7 to 11 (“Blue” service);

4)      Free school bus for grades 8 to 11 ("Gray" service);

5)      Parental allocation ($300 per school year, per child) for public transportation;

6)      Transportation for a fee. 



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